I. Definitions

In this description of terms of the Printshop Neiko Print & Publishing, further called Terms, the following definitions apply:

Printshop – Witold Szozda, conducting economic activity as Neiko Print & Publishing Witold Szozda with location in Tarnobrzegu (39-400), ul. Piłsudskiego 20, with VAT ID PL6451515761, REGON: 273586497, www.neiko.pl, e-mail: drukarnia@neiko.pl

Client – any individual who has entered into agreement with the Printshop or is in the process of ordering; this is a natural person, legal entity, or organizational unit with no legal identity but with the legal ability to engage in legal activities,

Consumer – an individual defined in art. 22[1] of the Civil Code of Poland.

Personalized product – a product produced to the Client’s specifications or serving to fulfill his/her individualized needs.


II. Agreement terms

1. An agreement between the Printshop and Client is entered into when the Client’s files or materials to be printed have been accepted to print by the Printshop.

2. In the case where the Printshop creates design files for the Client, the Client may request a final PDF file with no additional fee. Edit files in other formats are released with the payment of an additional fee.


III. Responsibility for content

1. The Printshop is not responsible for any text or graphic errors in Clients’ design files.

2. In the case when graphics files are created by the Printshop:

– proof files are sent to the Client for acceptance of text and graphic content. After Clients’ acceptance of the proof files, the Printshop is not responsible for content errors in the files.

– Minor corrections may be made to a design project as part of this service. Larger changes or changes in concept are made at an additional fee.

3. The Printshop reserves the right to reject an order related to content that is in conflict with the law or with the fundamental principles of society.


 IV. Returns

1. If the Client is a Consumer, they have the right to withdraw from a sales agreement with the Printshop without giving any reason within the period of 14 days from the day when the Client received the product, or when a third party other than the courier and indicated by the Client received the product. If the subject of the Agreement is many products that are delivered/received separately, this period expires after 14 days from the date when the Client received the last of the products or when a third party other than the courier and indicated by the Client received the product. The Consumer does not have the right to withdraw from agreement, however, in the case where the product is a Personalized product, that is a product made to the Client’s specifications or serving to fulfill his/her individualized needs.

2. In order to use the right to withdraw from agreement, the Client should inform the Printshop of its decision to withdraw from agreement with an unambiguous returns statement (sent, for example, by mail or email to the Printshop addresses given.

3. The Client may take advantage of the returns form available here, but that is not required.

4. In order to meet the returns date, it is enough for the Client to send information regarding the withdrawal from agreement before the agreement withdrawal expiry date.

5. In the case of returns, the Printshop returns the entire payment received from the Client, including the transport costs (with the exception of additional costs resulting from the chosen means of transport that is other than the least costly regular form of delivery offered by the Printshop), immediately, and no later than 14 days from the date of the receipt of the Client’s returns form. The Printshop will return payment using the same means that were used by the Client in the initial transaction, unless the Client explicity agrees to another solution and it is not related to the creation of additional costs.

6. The Printshop may delay return of payment to the time of receipt of the product or the moment of receipt of proof of its being sent, whichever occurs first.

7. In the case of returns, the Client should return the product immediately to the Printshop, not later than 14 days from the day he/she informed the Printshop of the return. This period is maintained when the Client returns the product within the 14 day period.

8. The Client is responsible for the immediate costs of the product return.

9. The Client is responsible only for the reduced value of the product resulting from it being used in a way other than what was necessary to determine its character, attributes and functioning.

10. The Printshop informs that it has the responsibility to supply products free of defects.

11. Returns may be made in writing to the Printshop’s address or to the email drukarnia@neiko.pl, or in person to the Printshop’s location.

12. In the return communication please include: order number or other data allowing the product to be identified, Client’s contact data allowing for a response to be made to the return claim as well as a description of the reason for the return.

13. The Printshop will respond to the return claim within the period of 14 days from the date of its receipt.


V. Final resolutions

1. Communications with the Printshop which include illegal content are not permitted.

2. We inform that http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ is an internet platform with a system for mediating conflicts regarding internet business agreements entered into by consumers and businesses. The platform is an access point for consumers and businesses who would like to take advantage of non-court mediation of consumer complaints related to internet transactions.

3. These terms are available at the Printshop’s location as well as on this website: https://neiko.pl/en/terms/.