How to prepare files

Preparing files to print

These are the suggested formats and parameters for files to print:

ADOBE PDF (*.pdf):

Change fonts to curves, or they should be 100% embedded in a file.

CMYK color range (optional Euroscale profile)

Add trim marks and bleed to the file.

Graphic elements at 200-300 dpi

CORELDRAW (*.cdr):

Use Coreldraw versions from 9 to 15.

Change fonts to vector curves.

Set color range to CMYK (optionally profile Euroscale).

Lay out exactly in the format needed for the materials to be cut.

If the graphics on the page reach the edge, they should be pulled out beyond the format by 3mm (the extra frame of graphic material is called the bleed).

Imported graphics (not cut/pasted) elements 200-300 dpi

Other acceptable formats: *.tiff; *.jpg (200-300 dpi minimum level of compression).

Additional formats may require an additional prepress fee:

*.ai Adobe Illustrator

*.ind Adobe InDesign

*.doc Microsoft Word

*.xls Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Power Point

Please check carefully all graphics files sent to print or accepted to print for text and graphics errors.

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